For all of the attention Nineveh receives in the Jewish Bible, it was not the capital of Assyria until the last few decades of the Assyrian Empire in the s.READ. You are here Home Essays on The Assyrian Empire. Assyria was a civilization which inhabited the territory between the Tigris and Euphrates. The name of this great empire was the Assyrians, which struck fear in the hearts of their enemies. This great empire ruled from about 2000 BC to about 612 BC. During this time period the Assyrians went through three separate periods. First there was the Old Assyrian Period which lasted from 2000 BC to about 1363 BC. creative help gcse Free Essay Assyria, a powerful ancient empire, once sprawled across the entirety of the Fertile Crescent. It encompassed land in four modern day countries.

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guaranteed the protection of the Assyrian Empire (Saggs, 1962). The booty obtained from Assyria?s military campaigns was used to glorify its cities and minimize the.