Did you know that there are many professional athletes participating in sports today that are gettin Drugs In Professional Sports Essay. 2102 words - 8 pages Sports have long been part of cultures worldwide because they require athletic ability, positive competitiveness, leadership building and most of all, fun.

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The college athlete wants to become the fastest or the biggest and nevertheless dont view performance enhancing drugs as dangerous. tags performance enhancing drugs, athletes,, 487 words (1.4 pages), Good Essays, preview Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport - Athletes taking PEDs is just like sitting. The college athlete wants to become the fastest or the biggest and nevertheless dont view performance enhancing drugs as dangerous. tags performance enhancing drugs, athletes,, 487 words (1.4 pages), Good Essays, preview Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport - Athletes taking PEDs is just like sitting. The use of biochemical aids to enhance athletic performance has a long history. In our current sporting culture we attempt to divide these between the accepted legal ergogenic aids and the unacceptable performance-enhancing drugs. It is unclear whether this distinction would have been made 2000 years ago when.