The Aristotelian argument is the framework upon which most academic, thesis-driven writing is based. You can use this template any time you need to take a position on a topic. Before getting started, make sure that your thesis is argumentative and non- obvious. When determining how to support your thesis, try to group all. The Assignment Using at least three sources, craft a Rogerian Argument focusing on a social justice issue of your choosing. Other than the off-limits topics, you are. Reveal the position that you are holding without saying that your position is better than the opposing belief. 4. Show instances where and when your position is valid and how your position differs from the opposing belief. 5. State your thesis. Rogerian Argument ExampleSample (corresponding to the outline above using the.

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Topic Thesis Rogerian Argument 850914. Weisbach, D. A. (2008). What does happiness research tell us about taxation Special issue?, (S2), S293S324. doi.