Sep 30, 2008. I got a Sony BDP350 from Amazon yesterday and the resume feature on it doesnt work on blu-ray discs (at least not the first Godfather), but works fine with regular DVDs. I returned it this morning. Any other alternatives out now that can do a good upconvert of old DVDs, has a resume feature for both blu-ray. Resume Play feature on Blu-ray titles Blu-ray Movies - North America.. By Resume Play, I mean after you press stop on a Blu-ray title pressing play will always continue on from the point you were at when you pressed stop instead of having to. Sonys compromise for Resume is the Bookmark function. Sep 8, 2016. I just purchased the expensive new Sony UHP-H1 Blu-ray player and I am dissapointed at the unit hit or miss resume playback which shouldnt happen.

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